Saturday, May 22, 2010

What is an Allergy?

Every day I like to log on the the New York Times Website and read the latest articles in the Health section. It doesn't matter if it's about nutrition r fitness, I just love to read up on the latest studies, findings and theories. One that really caught my eye last week was an article about allergies and how common (or rather, uncommon, they actually are).
While I personally don't have a gluten ALLERGY, my intolerance, and the effectiveness of a gluten free diet, are very real. The symptoms are undeniable, and I just feel all around more healthy without gluten. I also have come to find that eating unprocessed foods is the best route. Although there are times I can't deny certain gluten free brownies, for the vast majority of the time I really try to eat whole, unprocessed foods.
So while allergies may not be statistically "real" for people based on blood tests, the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed foods, and acknowledging an intolerance to food is largely beneficial to anyone and their health.

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