Friday, June 4, 2010

It's not like I ate bread.

So I'll be the first to admit, eating gluten and dairy free all the time is extremely difficult. Beyond the blatant temptations of pizza, pasta, cookies, ice cream (brownie sundaes...), etc., there are the hidden pitfalls associated with various seasoning, spicing, and food coloring. A lot of experts in the gluten and dairy field refer to these as "questionable food items" that should be avoided by all people with celiac's disease. Now I will oftentimes think that I am invincible to these items. "I'm not eating bread and milk," is my common defense. But my body doesn't subscribe to my brain's reasoning.

For example, yesterday my mom was making barbecue chicken. She had me read the ingredients on the back of the barbecue sauce bottle, and despite seeing some of these questionable words, like carmel food coloring, I assured her (and myself) that it would be fine, I wouldn't have any problems, and could eat the chicken. Much to my body's dismay, I was wrong. My major symptom inflicted itself upon me within an hour and the rest of the night went downhill from there. I am still paying for it today. Just because of a little food coloring.

My suggestions to all of you out there is to make your own marinade. While it may take more time, it will not only be better for you, but it will also (probably) taste better. My favorite marinades bring together some combination of lemon, olive oil, onions, and garlic. All of the juices end up working so well together that your chicken, fish, tofu, or steak is bound to be delicious (and gluten and dairy free). I'll post more marinade recipes as I discover/make them up!

If you're unsure about some questionable food items, ingredient phrasing, or other mystery items my two suggestions are to either not eat them (you probably shouldn't ingest anything that you can't pronounce...) or check out this website. It's definitely helped me know what I can and can't eat (sometimes much to my dismay, as with the caramel food coloring :( )

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